Live Music   Grass Valley  July 17-24th, 2014


Thursday Night Market w/  SoLs

Top of W. Main  6:00-9:00p


Center for the Arts

314 W. Main St.

Thurs: Jewel POSTPONED

Fri  Mariee Sioux w/opener Wisewater  SOLD OUT

Sat  Jeffrey Dupra & Leland Grammer  $8/$10


Holbrooke Hotel 

212 West Main St

  • Thurs James Carlson 7p
  • Fri Goocho Moosto (w/Gooch!)  7p
  • Sat  Johnny Tomorrow  7p
  • Mon Eternal Jam Nation  7p
  • Tues Acoustic Open Mic  6p
  • Wed  Ivite Open Mic w/Ian and Ray  7p